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Health & Safety Reps - Qld Nursing Specific

5 days
8.30 - 4.30
$850 per person

Who should attend

Nurses and Midwives who are an elected HSR


Course Objective
Health and safety representatives (HSRs) are required by section 72 of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 to undertake a course of training which is accredited by the Commission for that purpose. Employers are required by section 72 of the Act to allow the HSR to take time off work to attend this training without loss of remuneration or other entitlements.

Section 72 Obligation to train Health and Safety Representatives
The person conducting a business or undertaking must, if requested by a health and safety representative for a workgroup for that business or undertaking, allow the health and safety representative to attend a course of training in work health and safety that is—

a) Approved by the regulator;
b) A course that the health and safety representative is entitled under a regulation to attend; and
c) Subject to subsection (5), chosen by the health and safety representative, in consultation with the person conducting the business or undertaking.
Content of the course will include the following:-

• Your rights and responsibilities as an elected health & safety representative;
• The legislative framework for workplace health and safety in Qld;
• Hazards, risks, risk assessment and the hierarchy of controls;
• Issue resolution & representing members of the work group;
• Incident investigation & notification, report writing and the issuing of provisional improvement notices; and
• Consultation in the workplace

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